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Garage Door Replacement

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It’s Time For A New Garage Door On Your Apex, NC, Area Home!

A new garage door can completely change the look of your house or further refine the style you already have. Grand Openings Garage Door has lots of styles, colors and materials from which you can pick the best door for your home!

Not only can you increase your “curb appeal” and home’s resale value, but you also get to enjoy some peace of mind. Knowing that your garage door is operating safely and is providing the security that your family needs is it’s own reward!

We consistently exceed our customers’ expectations with our amazing garage door replacement services in and around Apex, NC. Stop getting that old garage door repaired over and over again and connect with our experts today for a FREE ESTIMATE on a new garage door!

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Improve Your Home’s Safety With A New Garage Door

While people often focus on the new look they get, one of the most important features is how much safer your home can be with a new, state-of-the-art door. Garage doors have come a long way and now include things like:
  • More secure locking mechanisms than previous garage door standards.
  • Stronger opening motors that make the door harder to push open from the outside.
  • New rolling door code technology makes it harder for someone to duplicate your opener’s frequency.
  • Photo eye sensors and automatic reverse systems make sure the door can not close on a person, pet or object.
Whether you need a new part or an entirely new system, Grand Openings Garage Door is ready to serve you. Call (919) 669-0532 today to learn more!

What Are The Steps Of Installing A New Garage Door?

Grand Openings Garage Door has performed an enormous amount of garage door replacements in the Raleigh area, so we have the process down to a science. The experience includes:

  • A free consultation along with a free estimate.
  • Taking down and removing the existing garage door.
  • Replacing all tracks and hardware.
  • Re-attaching the existing operator (or installing a new operator if one is purchased.)
  • Programing all remotes to the opener including vehicle remotes, home link, etc.
  • Hauling away all debris.
  • Attaching PVC weather stripping to the perimeter of the new garage door.
  • Installing a wireless keypad (if the option is chosen).
  • Lubricating new hinges and springs.

All you have to do is enjoy the look and feel of your new purchase! One call to (919) 669-0532 gets you started with Grand Openings Garage Door.

Transform Your Home’s Appearance

Grand Openings Garage Door provides excellent service when it comes to your garage door replacement needs. We have performed an enormous amount of garage door replacements in the Raleigh area and still are amazed at the major transformation of the appearance of the entire exterior of the home after we replace the existing garage door. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of garage door replacements and will make sure that all of your garage door replacement needs are met. Whatever your garage door and opener replacement needs may be, Grand Openings Garage Door is ready to serve you.

Get Your Free Garage Door Estimate Today!

We work to provide you with options that will match your timeframe and budget. So call us today at (919) 669-0532 if you are ready to replace that old, worn out, dented, faded, rickety and loud garage door with an ultra-quiet, dependable and aesthetically appealing one from Grand Openings Garage Door!